• Indoor/Outdoor Premise Tight Buffered Cable


    • Available with 2 to 24 fibres
    • Water-blocked
    • LSZH UV-resistant outer jacket1
    • PVC Free construction
    • RoHS 3 (EU Directive 2015/863)


    • Campus LAN
    • Building Interconnections
    • LSZH inside plant and outside plant environments


The AFL Indoor/Outdoor multi-fibre premise cables are constructed using 900 micron LSZH tight buffer fibres, stranded with water blocking aramid yarns and sheathed with a UV stable LSZH outer jacket. Specified for campus network cabling between buildings, where interbuilding lengths are short enough that the installer can recognize savings from the lower costs of terminating tight buffered cables. For indoor applications, the cable is constructed completely of LSZH materials, PVC Free. For outdoor applications, the cable incorporates ‘Dry’ water blocking properties suitable for protected use in external covered tray or free draining conduit


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