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Loose Tube Fanout Kit - Inner Tube Fixing


  • Robust tube clamping offers excellent strength for securing the incoming tube
  • Available in 6- and 12-fibre configurations
  • All tubes are colour coded for easier fibre identification after terminating
  • Fibre over-sleeving tails are 600mm in length, giving greater flexibility for routing and connection
  • Simple design; no need for special tooling
  • Two mounting holes ensure adequate fixing inside an enclosure


  • Direct termination of loose tube cable within an enclosure

Product Description

AFL's Loose Tube Fanout Kit mounts to the tubes of the broken out loose tube cable and over-sleeves the 250µm fibres with colour coded 900µm tubing. Connectors can be directly terminated to the 900µm tubes eliminating the need for on-site fusion splicing.

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