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OPGW Splice Enclosure


  • 316 grade acid proof stainless steel materials
  • Modular design with few parts
  • Easy-to-use high density splicing cassette
  • V-clamp and O-ring sealing with a single locking bolt
  • Rugged shotgun and rodent-proof design
  • High fibre count capacity
  • Oval port available for fibre branching to other cables


  • Harsh environments

Product Description

AFL's Rugged Fibre Joint Enclosures are made from the highest quality materials to withstand extreme weather conditions and unauthorised tampering. Their simple construction consisting of a base, cover and locking bolt, makes them easy to access and re-open when necessary.
The enclosures are supplied with a series of specially designed splice cassettes and fibre management kits, making them easier to terminate and decreasing installation time.

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