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FWE-Fibre-Optic-Splice-Enclosure FWE-Fibre-Optic-Splice-Enclosure-Kit FWE-Fibre-Optic-Splice-Enclosure-Open

FWE - Fibre Optic Splice Enclosure


  • Large number of cable entry knockouts for incoming and outgoing cables
  • Key-lockable main door to prevent accidental opening of splice compartment
  • Able to hold up to six MTP loaded cassettes
  • Standard accessory kit for cable entry and fibre management included


  • Ideal for fusion splicing
  • High fibre density applications
  • Repairing damaged cables
  • Suitable for direct termination
  • Remote cable terminations within building

Product Description

AFL's wall-mounted Fibre Optic Splice Enclosure features one splicing compartment and several cable entry openings on the top and bottom for incoming and outgoing cables. The enclosure is also suitable for external patching as it accommodates up to six modular panels, available separately or as a kit.
The professional appearance of this enclosure makes it well suited for building entrance terminals, telecommunication closets, computer rooms or in any office environment. 

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