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This product may only be available in our Australian and New Zealand markets.
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FWE - Mini Wall Enclosure


  • Small, versatile size
  • Knockout adapter and cable openings keep pests or vermin from entering unused ports
  • Cable entry holes for wall-mounted and concealed cable entry
  • Provision for anti-tamper seals


  • Suitable for direct termination of riser fibre cable and UTP copper cable
  • Remote cable terminations within building
  • Defence requirements for identifying tampering or accidental fibre disconnections
  • Fibre-to-the-desk applications

Product Description

AFL's mini wall enclosure is available in a variety of configurations and colours. It features knockout adapter panels and can house a maximum of 48 fibres and 12 RJ45 connectors.
The professional appearance of this enclosure makes it well-suited for any office or corporate installation.

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