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Reel Type Cleaners


OPTIPOP-R cassette style fibre optic connector cleaners are rugged palm-sized units that offer exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness, field-proven and trusted by fibre technicians worldwide.
The CLETOP–S Series is the second generation CLETOP cleaner offering the same Cletop cleaning performance with “drop-in” replacement tape cartridge and an ergonomic design that works equally well for left or right-handed operators.
The Cletop optical fibre connector cleaners from AFL are a rugged handheld tool for cleaning fibre optic connector end faces. The Cletop cleaners quickly and effectively clean a variety of connectors. Cletop cleaners are a safe cleaning option without the need for alcohol, which can be toxic and flammable. Cletop cleaners have refillable cleaning tapes with 400 cleans per tape making them ideal for lab and field use.