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Air Gap Style Variable Attenuators


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Easily used to measure variable attenuation
  • Multimode or single-mode systems


  • Reduce output power from light source
  • Stop over saturation of receiver
  • Protects test equipment from high levels of power
  • Test loss budget of a network
  • Class room demonstrations

Product Description

These variable attenuators work on a gap-loss principle. Pulling the connector end-faces apart induces the loss. Since the light exits in an expanding cone the receiving fibre will capture less light as the gap gets larger.
The attenuator can be used to replace a mating sleeve at the patch panel, where variable attenuation levels can be introduced to the system. It is ideal for simulating cable loss for lab testing of link power margins or reducing power in links where receivers are being overloaded. 

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