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Fusion Splicing Equipment


The 90S Fusion Splicer is the latest core alignment splicer from Fujikura. It’s designed to give you high quality splices and to stay in the field.
The Fujikura 90R is the mass fusion splicer workhorse of the splicing world. As data demand continues to rise, the solution to handle the increased traffic is to increase fibre counts.
The Fujikura 41S is a fully ruggedised, active cladding alignment fusion splicer. Core sensing loss estimation technology provides the most accurate assessment of splice loss available in any active cladding alignment splicer in the world.
Fujikura's CT50 precision cleaver is very versatile. It is designed for cleaving 125µm cladded fibre either as single fibre or up to 12 core ribbon fibres. Cleave lengths of between 6mm and 20mm can be accommodated, depending on the version of the cleaver.
The Fujikura CT08 is a precision cleaver dedicated for single fibre cleaving applications. Its simple to operate cleaving operation provides precision cleaving on single-mode and multimode fibres and is suitable for 250µm and 900µm fibre types.
AFL's CT02 cleaver is designed for cleaving single standard 125µm cladded fibre with a cleave length between 6mm and 19mm. Its simple bend-and-snap style operation and its compact size make it very easy to use.
The Fujikura range of Thermal Jacket Strippers enable you to strip single or multiple fibres (ribbon) through heating. This softens the fibre coating and allows it to be removed easily and smoothly.
Fujikura’s new specialty splicers FSM-100M and FSM-100P offer a host of innovative technology to address the rapidly expanding splicing needs for factory, manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications.
Fujikura’s new specialty splicers FSM-100M+ and FSM-100P+ offer a host of innovative technology to address the rapidly expanding splicing needs for factory, manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications.
The Fujikura CT101 and CT102 are designed to offer adjustability and versatility for various fibre types and applications also providing superior tension cleaving performance beyond conventional cleavers.
Fujikura’s CT105 and CT106 precision cleavers perform high precision large diameter fibre (LDF) cleaves, designed for fusion splicing and glass processing preparation.
Fujikura’s new series of fibre recoaters offer a host of innovative technology to address the rapidly expanding specialty fibre market for factory, manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications.
AFL's RackMate is a sliding shelf that mounts onto the vertical rails of a 19” communications rack.
AFL offers ribbonising tools to meet your needs.
The RT-02 is the latest ribbonising tool from Fujikura, and the first universal ribbonising tool on the market suitable for forming a temporary ribbon from loose 200 µm or 250 µm fibres.
To complement the line of world class splicing systems, AFL's PowerCleave® combines the precision of an ultrasonic cleaver with the ease and improved fibre management of the Fujikura fibre holder system.
The paste holds the stripped coating residue into a single piece of debris that is easily cleaned from the stripper. If needed, the ribbon can be easily separated into individual fibres using alcohol.
Environmental contamination, such as dust, dirt, and fibre coating debris, as well as, the silica deposits generated during the fusion process eventually find their way to the surface of the v-groove. This contamination will offset the fibres and degrade performance. To solve cleaning needs, AFL offers the Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit. This product integrates eight components into an affordable and effective inspection and cleaning solution for any fusion splicer.
The FST-12 Fibre Separation Tool is used to quickly, accurately and reliably split ribbons into sub-groups or individual fibres.