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Fujikura CT-101 and CT-102 Fibre Cleavers


  • Diamond blade with long blade life
  • Large diameter fibre cleaving capability (fibre diameter range 80 to 250 μm)
  • Angle cleaving capability (0 to 15 degrees)
  • Cleave counter
  • Adjustable cleave length
  • Dual power sources (4 “AA” batteries or AC adapter)


  • High strength splicing
  • Angled cleaving

Product Description

Precise cleaving is required for photonic splicing applications as the types of optical fibre become more diversified to meet new applications. In addition, angled cleaving is often required for low back-reflection fibre end preparation. The CT-101 and CT-102 have been developed to offer adjustability and versatility for these various fibre types and applications while offering superior tension cleaving performance beyond conventional cleavers that utilize a scribe and bend cleaving method. The CT-101 and CT-102 are equipped with a motorized diamond blade that touches the fibre after tension has been applied providing high-strength cleaving capability. The CT-101 is designed to accommodate the Fujikura FH-100 fibre holders while the CT-102 has been designed to accommodate the FH-60 fibre holders.

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