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CT-105-Large-Diameter-Optical-Fibre-Cleaver CT-106-Large-Diameter-Optical-Fibre-Cleaver

Fujikura CT-105 & CT-106 Large Diameter Optical Fibre Cleaver


  • Cleave from 80μm up to 1,250μm (cladding)
  • 100 program modes
  • Auto clamp system
  • 5-40mm cleaves
  • 20,000 cleaves on 125μm glass


  • Large diameter fibre cleaving up to 1250µm cladding
  • Specialty fibre and capillary cleaving
  • High precision cleaving
  • Angled cleaving up to 15° (800µm cladding)

Product Description

Fujikura’s CT-105 and CT-106 precision cleavers perform high precision large diameter fibre (LDF) cleaves, designed for fusion splicing and glass processing preparation. Both models cleave fibres up to 1,250μm cladding diameter and incorporate a range of programmable features while the CT-106 incorporates angle cleave capability.

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