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Fujikura CT-30A Cleaver


  • Single to 12 fibre cleaving capability
  • Easy to use - ready cleaver, load fibre and cleave
  • Lightweight and compact (weighs only 210 grams)
  • Different versions to accommodate either single fibre adapter plates or fibre holders (for single/multi fibres)
  • Fibre off-cut management


  • Precision cleaving (<0.5º) of 125µm cladded optical fibres
  • Single fibre or up to 12 core ribbon fibre

Product Description

Fujikura's CT-30A cleaver is easy to use – just ready the cleaver, load the fibre and cleave. The unit has a small footprint with a non-slip rubber base for stability, and the durable 16 position (3 height settings) blade can perform up to 48,000 cleaves before requiring replacement. Fibre off-cut management and collection is fully-automated.

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