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RackMate Sliding Work Tray


  • Sliding tray that can be locked in several positions
  • Latching mechanism for easy mounting to racks that feature cage nut fixings (no screws required)
  • Safety mechanism prevents tray from accidental demounting
  • Two bolts supplied for securing a Fujikura fusion splicer directly to the tray (with or without the Fujikura work table)


  • Ideal for installation, termination and testing of rack mounted equipment in data centres, PABX rooms, etc.
  • Suitable for 19” communications racks with cage nut fixings
  • Especially suited to securely raise and hold Fujikura splicing equipment at sliding tray height

Product Description

AFL's RackMate is a sliding shelf that mounts onto the vertical rails of a 19” communications rack. It is designed to provide a safe, secure working platform at a comfortable height when working in or around a communication rack. It is especially useful when splicing with a Fujikura fusion splicer as this can be directly secured onto the RackMate. 

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