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Thermal Jacket Strippers


  • Easy and smooth coating removal on ribbon fibre of up to 12 cores
  • Fibre holder system
  • AC, Fusion Splicer or battery powered options (model dependent)


  • Multi-fibre (ribbon) applications
  • Special fibre stripping requirements
  • Fibres with hard-to-strip coatings
  • No physical contact coating removal requirements (HTS-12)

Product Description

The Fujikura range of Thermal Jacket Strippers enable you to strip single or multiple fibres (ribbon) through heating. This softens the fibre coating and allows it to be removed easily and smoothly.
All thermal jacket strippers use the Fujikura fibre holders which are also accepted by a range of Fujikura fusion splicers and cleavers. This allows you to perform coating removal, cleaving and jointing with minimal fibre handling. 

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