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Kevlar Cutters are designed to cut and trim the Kevlar (aramid yarn) found in most fibre optic cables.
Tube Slitters/Cutters are used for fibre optic cables that have internal tubes which house the fibre.
Tweezers allow you to pick up and deposit fibre off-cuts from hard to reach places. They are essential for optimal fibre handling safety and complement any fibre optic tool kit.
The Armoured Cable Slitter helps you break out fibre cables which are housed in corrugated copper, steel or aluminium armour sheaths.
Cable Cutters are for cutting through fibre optic cable. Both models are pliers style and have hardened blades.
The FOD-2000 drop cable slitter is designed for 250µm flat drop cable and puts a slit on both sides of the jacket allowing easy access to the fibre or strength member.
Available in two models, 250µm or 250µm/900µm/2mm, AFL's ergonomic design prevents nicks or scratches on the optical fibre.
Fibre Scribes allow you to remove the excess fibre which protrudes from a connector ferrule that has just been terminated via anaerobic, epoxy or hot melt methods.
Outer Sheath Strippers are for removing a cable’s protective outer sheath, allowing you to expose the internal sub-jacketed fibres or tubing.
As part of AFL’s extensive product support we offer you a large selection of replacement parts for our range of tooling.