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Harsh Environment Fibre Assemblies

AFL's Expanded Beam Connectors have been designed for use in the most demanding harsh environment applications include military tactical communications, outside broadcasts, petrochemical, mining and offshore systems.

Internal expanded beam technology ensures reliable optical performance in contaminated and extreme environments. The connectors are terminated using an epoxy-polish ferrule termination process with standard fibre optic termination tools and equipment. The terminated ferrules are simply inserted into the expanded beam housing and fixed in place via a spring and cover-plate. Ferrule alignment to the lenses is achieved automatically by the unique optical arrangement.

AFL is a certified manufacturer and repairer of expanded beam connector assemblies.Our range includes:

  • D38999 Connector
  • Junior Expanded Beam Connector
  • Senior Expanded Beam Connector
  • Mini Expanded Beam Connector
  • Maxi Expanded Beam Connector


AFL’s range of expanded beam fibre optic connectors has been designed for the most demanding harsh environments.
AFL’s Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment System allows for fast deployment and retrieval of tactical fibre optic cables used in field deployment applications.