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The DZS MXK-F108 provides next generation 1U GPON OLT features in a compact, hardened form-factor that makes it easy and cost effective to deliver uncompromising triple play services throughout the serving area.
The MXK family includes three fully-integrated form factors: 319 (19" rack x 3RU, with 7 slots for line cards), 819 (19" rack x 8RU, with 14 slots for line cards), and 823 (23" rack x 8RU, with 18 slots for line cards).
DZS’s MXK intelligent terabit access concentrator reflects a clean-sheet approach to a truly scalable multi-service architecture, designed to meet the rapidly evolving demands on access networks.
The MXK line card includes several options for FTTx network design.
The DZS 2804D GPON ONTs are standards-based indoor ONTs designed for Enterprise and Hospitality deployments requiring secure, Ethernet-only connectivity with a compact footprint.
DZS’s indoor residential 2400 Series GPON ONT is a standards based CPE designed for advanced triple-play deployments in Fibre-to-the-Home/Premise application.
DZS’s indoor 2600 Series GPON ONTs are standards-based CPEs designed for advanced triple-play deployments in home and business environments.
The 6024T ONTs provide 24 GE LAN ports, including PoE power to connected devices such as IP Phones, IPTV cameras, wireless access points, and remote switches.