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Specification Sheet
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This product may only be available in our Australian and New Zealand markets.
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NS Bench Top Network Simulators


  • User-specified fibre type and lengths
  • Events such as mechanical or fusion splices available
  • OTDR trace is provided
  • A variety of connector styles are available
  • Rugged, field-portable


  • Laboratory testing
  • Class Room Training
  • Field troubleshooting
  • OTDR Calibration

Product Description

AFL fibre optic network simulators are custom-designed “fibre boxes” intended to duplicate installed fibre optic facilities. Training schools, laboratory testing or field troubleshooting are just few of the many applications for these portable units.

Network Simulator models are custom built with customer-specified lengths of multimode or singlemode fibre and can hold up to 15 Km of fibre. Events such as fusion or mechanical splices can be included at various distances in the fibre. A full range of connector types are available including SC, ST, FC, and LC. Angled or non-angled connectors can be specified. AFL network simulators come fully characterised for loss, attenuation/km, and event location/value.

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