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M210e Enterprise OTDR


  • Industry Leading TruEvent™ analysis ensures event reporting accuracy
  • 16 hour battery run time
  • Integrated Power Meter and VFL
  • Dynamic Range up to 34 dB
  • Crisp bright display for indoor/outdoor viewing
  • Rugged, hand-held, lightweight (<1kg)
  • Front Panel and First Connector Check ensures accurate measurements
  • Inspection ready with DFS1 Digital FiberScope
  • Live fibre detection prevents damage to network equipment
  • Automatic Pass/Fail Analysis (TIA/ISO)


  • Test and Troubleshoot multimode and single-mode fibre networks
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing and certification of SM and MM networks
  • Enterprise network, Data Center, LAN/WAN
  • Document and create standards compliant acceptance reports with TRM™ 2.0, companion PC software

Product Description

M210e Enterprise OTDR with OPM, VFL

The M210e OTDR from AFL combines ease of use (Touch and Test®) and multi-functionality in a rugged, hand-held package. Integrated OTDR and OPM functionality and inspection capability reduce setup and testing time and simplify documentation; reducing testing and administration costs.


With single-mode dynamic ranges of up to 34 dB and multimode dynamic ranges of 28 dB, the M210e is ideal for testing, troubleshooting and documenting enterprise, LAN/WAN, campus and military single-mode and multimode (62.5 and 50 micron) fibre networks.


M210e OTDR Features 

The M210e supports visual inspection per IEC 61300-3-5 visual inspection practices using an AFL DFS1 Digital FiberScope providing the user the ability to view and document connector end-face images with their OTDR traces and loss/power measurements


M210e Enterprise OTDR Features:


  • TruEvent™
  • Auto Off
  • Tool-free, switchable test port adapters 
  • Set Pass/Fail thresholds 
  • 16 hours operation time
  • Dynamic Range covers longer fibre systems
    • 34 dB Single-mode
    • 28 dB Multimode
  • Short Dead Zone 1.0m/4.0m
  • Built in Optical Power Meter 
  • Built in Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Field proven, compact, rugged product packaging is designed for both outdoors and indoors. 
  • Internal storage (>1000 OTDR traces)
  • Pre-paid calibration plan 


M210e Touch and Test® supports users of all levels

Full Auto Mode – Connect and press test. M210e will detect fibre and set recommended test parameters. Perfect for novice technicians or repair techs quickly looking for faults on fibre spans of unknown length.

Auto-Once Mode – Designed for testing cables with multiple fibres. M210e performs a full auto test on the first fibre and retains recommended settings allowing fast expert-speed testing of subsequent fibres.

Expert Mode – Provides access to testing parameters for experienced users to setup optimal testing scenarios for specific networks.

Real-Time Mode – Continuous OTDR operation and display update allows users to dynamically change networks while monitoring OTDR trace results. Example: relaxing fibre bends to reduce attenuation loss.

Top menu level touch screen access to major test modes allow users to test networks faster- no time wasted with complicated menu structures. The M210e provides one-touch access to OTDR and OPM test modes and DFS inspection mode.

Data Storage and Reporting Capabilities (TRM)

Thousands of test results may be stored internally or on the supplied USB drive. Test results are transferable via USB cable or USB drive to a computer for viewing, printing, and analysing with the supplied Windows® compatible software - TRM™ (Test Results Manager). Acceptance reports generated using TRM can include OTDR traces with summary and event information with or without pass/fail indication, Event Maps, Loss/Power measurement tables and end-face images.


With a full set of testing and troubleshooting tools including OTDR, OPM, VFL and end-face inspection capability the M210e is a complete solution for fibre network owners and installers.


Supported Languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese


Ordering Information

The M210e is offered in three optical models: multimode, single-mode and combined as a QUAD multimode/single-mode. (See data sheet for ordering information). The M210e OTDR is available in a soft case with carry handle and shoulder strap or in a compact rugged transit case 





M210e OTDR Field Certification Kit: Tier 1 and 2 w Inspection in Hard Case


M210e OTDR Tier 2 Test and Inspection Kit in Hard Case


M210e OTDR, SM, 1310/1550, OPM, VFL in Hard Case


M210e OTDR, MM, 850/1300, OPM, VFL in Hard Case


M210e OTDR, QUAD, OPM, VFL in Hard Case


M210e OTDR, SM, 1310/1550, OPM, VFL in Soft Case


M210e OTDR, MM,  850/1300, OPM, VFL in Soft Case


M210e OTDR, QUAD, OPM, VFL in Soft Case


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