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FTS2 FTS20C Headsets

FTS2 Series Fibre Optic Talk Set


  • Single fibre, full duplex
  • 45 dB long range singlemode fibre performance
  • 20 dB multimode performance
  • Field portable, hands-free operation
  • Call-back feature/ringing


  • Voice communication over optical fibre links
  • Testing schedule not impacted by cell phone coverage
  • Military and other secure locations
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Product Description

FTS2 Series Fibre Optic Talk Sets

Fibre Optic Talk Sets are an inexpensive solution to meet your communication needs when testing multimode or single-mode fibre optic cables. Designed for voice communication over spare fibres, NOYES FTS units from AFL provide full duplex, hands-free operation. Ease of use and compact size allow the operators to focus on the task at hand, rather than operating the talk set. 




  • 1310 nm operation lessens bend loss
  • 45 dB dynamic range communicates up to 128 km (80 miles) over SM fibre
  • 20 dB dynamic range with (OM1 - OM4) multimode fibre 




  • 1550 nm operation for maximum distance over single-mode fibre
  • 45 dB dynamic range communicates up to 225 km (140 miles) over SM fibre
  • 20 dB dynamic range with (OM1 - OM4) multimode fibre


FTS 2 multiparty communication feature allows for connection of two NOYES FTS2 talk sets at a common site to extend the range or to include three or more persons in the conversation.


FTS-20C Clip-on Coupler

Available FTS2 accessory provides connectivity in the middle of  single-mode fibre spans or at bare fibre ends.  The FTS-20C can also be used in conjunction with a laser source or a tone detector to inject or detect 2 kHz test tones for fibre identification. It works at 1310, 1550, or 1625 nm. Coupling efficiency is approximately 18 dB.


With the wide coverage of cell phones who needs a fibre optic talk set? 


  • Fibre technicians who want to be assured they can communicate while testing fibre spans regardless of location.  Fibre distribution hubs can be located in basements or enclosed areas with limited or no cell phone coverage.  Utilising one unused fibre for talk set communication ensures crystal clear communication regardless of location.
  • Military and other secure locations may prohibit cell phone usage – especially today where most cell phones include a high resolution camera.  This is not a barrier to technicians equipped with a fibre optic talk set.


Key Specifications


FTS2-1310 and FTS2-1550:


  • Emitter Type: Laser
  • Dynamic Range: 45 dB on single-mode fibre
  • Dynamic Range: 20 dB on multimode fibre




  • Coupling Efficiency ~ 18 dB
  • Supports bi-directional communication
  • Fibre type: Single-mode fibre


Ordering Information


Model Numbers




1310 nm talk set


1550 nm talk set


Clip-on coupler for injecting and/or detecting signals along a single-mode fibre span or from a bare fibre end (no connector).


FTS Accessories




Headset and adapter


AC adapter 90-264VAC/9VDC


FTS-20C clip-on coupler, FC connector only (for FTS2 only)


Prepaid Calibration Plans




2 Year Cal Plus Plan for FTS2


2 Year Cal Plus Plan for FTS2


For details see the Prepaid Calibrations and Calibration Plus plans product page


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