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Mode Conditioners ensue multimode source launch conditions meet Encircled Flux (EF) requirements of IEC 61280-4-1 and TIA-526-14-A. Robust design allows for field and factory use.
AFL’s filtered 1625nm live fibre filter is an in-line device used between test instrument and fibre under test. It passes through 1600-1670nm and filters out 1290-1580nm allowing testing of live fibre networks.
Test ports on FlexScan® handheld OTDRs are equipped with tool-free switchable adapters which can be changed in seconds. The fast change switchable adapters allow OTDRs to interface launch cables with a variety of connector styles.
Fibre Rings from AFL are often a necessity when testing with an OTDR. Both a launch and receive cable are required to measure complete link loss of a fibre with an OTDR. Because very long test cables are impractical to transport and use, AFL offers coiled lengths of 50 µm multimode, 62.5 µm multimode, or single-mode fibre conveniently packaged in compact rings.
AFL's standard thread-on adapter caps are used to mate non-angled and angled single-fibre and dual-fibre connectors to optical power meter ports on our OPM Series, T400, T500, and ORL3 series test sets.
AFL’s link loss test leads kits (TLK’s) provide an industry leading solution to optical link testing.
Tool-free connector adapters allow connection of common fibre optic connectors and remove to support cleaning of launch ferule. Products with tool-free adapters include, FTS2, OLS2-Dual, OLS4, OLS7, SVA1