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The ROGUE® iB1 intelligent base is the latest addition to the ROGUE modular family of test equipment.
With AFL’s aeRos® workflow management solution, you can set up jobs before a truck ever rolls, monitor data and interact with technicians in real time, complete jobs faster, generate reports more efficiently, and get to revenue sooner. aeRos is the open, cloud-based platform that integrates every aspect of your testing process so you can focus on building a better network.
The density of today’s networks are driving more demand for multi-fibre connectivity creating challenges in efficiently testing these types of connections. AFL's Multi-fibre switch answers this challenge by enabling the testing of 12 fibre MPO connected cables without the need to use a breakout cable, saving time and money.
The ROGUE® cB1 is one of the basic building blocks of the ROGUE modular test platform. Pair the cB1 with different hardware modules and smart device apps to create the test capability required for a specific job.
By pairing ROGUE® modules with smart device apps, AFL’s patent pending architecture enables users to control their test hardware directly from most Android devices.
The ROGUE® OLTS/Certification Module is part of the ROGUE modular test platform and when paired with the ROGUE carrier provides the hardware capabilities of a complete optical loss test set.