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Test Results Manager 2.0 (TRM® 2.0) is an all-in-one analysis, viewer and reporting tool designed for use with AFL fiber and inspection products. TRM top-level icons let users quickly choose between viewing results by jobs, generating an acceptance report, viewing OTDR traces, loss or certification results or batch editing OTDR traces.

Within the OTDR trace viewer users can analyse .sor format traces from the M-Series, C-Series, CS-Series, OFL-Series, FLX-Series and CS-Series OTDR. TRM 2.0 allows users to apply new automatic bi-directional analysis and macrobend detection capabilities for all OTDRs. Users can apply pass/fail thresholds to events and links, add/delete events and change loss methods including two point, LSA and fibre attenuation. Next and previous buttons allow quick review of fibre results.

Using the OLTS Viewer/Editor, users can ensure auto-test results from the C-Series - or loss results from the M-series, OFL-series, FLX-series or OPM5 - meet current industry standards, applications or user values. As standards evolve or network demands increase, users can apply more stringent rules to be sure tested fibres will meet the requirements. The OLTS viewer can be used to create bi-directional results from loss data downloaded from one or more OPM5 power meters.

Improve company image and reduce maintenance costs by documenting networks and creating customised acceptance reports using TRM Report Wizard. Reports meet accepted industry documentation and can be prepared with company logos. Common report options can be saved for quicker generation of future reports saving time when it is necessary to create reports for repeat customers. Flexible reporting capability allows users to select the style for report covers, detail results pages and summary pages. Users can include OTDR traces, event tables, summary info, OTLS results, an event map and fibre end images with detailed job and test set-up information on a results page. Jobs can also be exported to zip files for archiving or submission to network owners. TRM 2.0 allows user to create comprehensive reports with Bi-directional and Macrobend/Microbend analysis and permit fibre inspection images from the AFL FOCIS inspection system to be included in test reports through FOCIS2Go utility.


Test Results Manager TRM® 2.0 is a powerful all-in-one Analysis and Reporting tool designed for use with AFL fibre optic test and inspection products. Users can review OTDR, OLTS, Certification and Connector Inspection results, analyze results and apply pass/fail criteria to Loss and OTDR results. Customized acceptance reports can be created by selecting from templates for presentation of results to end users for job signoff.