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GPON Solution for Cordis Hotel

Driven To Inspire And Innovate

The Langham Hospitality Group have launched a new brand, Cordis, and Auckland is now the home a freshly refurbished Cordis Hotel. Their website introduction proudly boasts:

“Driven to inspire and innovate, Cordis Auckland offers you a warm welcome, heartfelt service and stylish, contemporary facilities. Stay in touch with our state-of-the-art broadband or step out to experience the best of vibrant Auckland.”

In today's world of hospitality, its clear that broadband capability is a major selling point in terms of promoting customer comfort and service. It’s no wonder that the Cordis Auckland refurbishment featured a full reimagining of their telecommunications systems.

But the refurbishment of an ageing building brings challenges. Finding space to house communication cabinets becomes a major problem. Ducting systems that are inadequate for today’s technology demands can lead to the very costly exercise of increasing floor penetrations and the necessity of re-fireproofing. With over 400 guest rooms to be cabled, not to mention the hotels facilities, creating a communications infrastructure that would last well into the future was imperative.

AFL and its trusted partner OSL looked at the original brief for CAT6A/fibre solution and foresaw these issues. Vaea Wright from AFL and Mark Osborne from OSL together developed an innovative proposal that they believed would better suit the Cordis Auckland project. “The limited space for racks and smaller floor penetrations led us to offer a GPON solution, as there was no other option to meet the needs for Cordis Auckland,” states Vaea Wright, AFL.

Rather than traditional structured cabling, AFL and OSL proposed a Passive Optical LAN built with GPON technology that would provide data, voice, video and wireless access services over a single strand of fibre, right to each user’s location. Cordis Auckland IT manager Raymond Chan immediately recognised the appeal and worked with AFL/OSL to implement the solution. “The cabling option presented to me by Mark and Vaea ticked all of the boxes,” reflects Raymond Chan, Cordis. “Time, cost and space restrictions were all met by this innovative solution.”

Single-mode fibre has been used in public networks for years and it makes perfect sense to transfer this technology into private networks. The components of a GPON solution include the Optical Line Terminal (OLT), which connects to an optical splitter, then to the Optical Network Terminals (ONT) which provide connectivity to the user and end devices.

The deployment of GPON eliminated the need for cabinets on each floor of the hotel. The 20+km reach of SMF meant that the whole system could be run from a single central location. Existing ducting was utilised and preterminated cable was used for an easy plug-and-play installation. OSL were able to complete installation in a very short period of time and it’s estimated that capital expenditure was reduced by approximately 60%.

This integrated approach also provided the ability to connect building automation systems, security cameras and building sensors all on the same infrastructure, thereby removing the requirement and expense of separate transport systems across the campus for each technology. The PON infrastructure eliminates costly hardware within a network, such as remote switches, as well as their associated provisioning cost, annual maintenance and software licensing fees. The Cordis Auckland received an integrated telecommunications system that has a 20-year-plus lifespan with reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

This hotel group also takes its sustainability goals seriously - the Cordis Auckland is the first hotel in Australasia to gain the prestigious EarthCheck Platinum Certification, representing 10 years of continuous certification with EarthCheck. The Passive Optical LAN solution aligned with this ethos - as a passive architecture, it requires no power in portions of the network. The flow on effect of reduced components and smaller cable diameters cuts cooling requirements and saves power consumption by up to 65%.

The close working relationship between AFL and OSL was a key feature in the success of the Cordis Auckland project. “We’ve always had a good working relationship with AFL,” says Mark Osborne from OSL. “Being able to work together on a solution meant we could meet all the customers requirements.” AFL’s Vaea Wright agrees. “Working with Mark from OSL is always a pleasure and together we engaged many resources within our AFL Head Office to ensure products were available when required and the technical resources were always ready at hand,” says Wright. 

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