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Installing an Indoor DAS for Apartment Complex


AFL-Case Study DAS Installation UDRUDR, a provider of high-quality homes and apartments, contracted AFL to install an indoor DAS system for one of their newest luxury apartment buildings, the Fiori. AFL worked with the building owners and wireless carriers, Verizon and AT&T, to provide a DAS solution that would benefit all parties.


Although the building owners and wireless carriers are working toward a common goal, each party has different needs and requirements. AFL had to install a DAS system that both the building owners and wireless carriers would support. Since carriers own the signal from cell towers, AT&T and Verizon had to give AFL permission before they would allow their signal to be rebroadcasted. In addition, AFL must ensure the new DAS system will only add to AT&T and Verizon’s user base without causing problems. The challenge is finding a solution that satifies everyone.


In addition to installing, maintaining and monitoring turnkey DAS systems, AFL also offers a Carrier Coordination Program. Through the program, AFL can break through the challenges that often delay projects, such as failure to reach a common agreement. By knowing the needs and wants of wireless carriers, AFL was able to provide a DAS design that suited both AT&T and Verizon. Once the carriers approved the design, AFL installed all the cabling, equipment and programming needed to provide quality cellular coverage throughout the eight story building. The indoor DAS system will also be maintained and monitored through AFL’s System Monitoring services. These services will keep the network running at optimal capacity while ensuring all future problems are resolved as quickly as possible.


Similar to other UDR apartments, the Fiori is the pinnacle of modern living. Located in downtown Addison, T.X., it features high-end apartments with granite, stainless steel and hardwood finishings. It offers a multituide of amneties, including wireless internet, a theater room, fitness center, business center, internet café and much more. With AFL’s newly installed indoor DAS system, the Fiori can maintain excellent cellphone reception, high data capacity and completely satisified customers.


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