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Mobile Access DAS Installation

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Install the DAS system fiber, coaxial cabling, antennas, and active electronics in less than 15 days to cover over 1,000,000 square feet of floor space with 5 bar Sprint PCS cellular coverage.


Installation of the DAS system fiber, coaxial cabling, antennas and active electronics had to be completed in less than 15 days to cover over one million square feet of floor space with five-bar Sprint PCS cellular coverage.


AFL installed over 4,000 ft. of single mode fiber, 5,000 feet of ½ inch coaxial cable, multiple fiber optic remotes, and many server antennas throughout the factory in 8 days, far exceeding the customer requested 15. All cabling was tested and found to be done perfectly to meet the integrators strict requirements. The fast turnaround can be attributed to superb AFL pre-site project planning for correctness of required materials, and equipment prior to going on site. This attention to project detail and the high level of installation talent at AFL Enterprise Services avoided delays and any need for redeployment.


The DAS was deployed on schedule with accolades from our integration partner for our level of planning, professionalism, teamwork, and exceeding their deployment timeline. This very large tire factory can now enjoy 5 bars of Sprint PCS coverage where previously there was none.



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