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Single Mode 9um

Link Loss Test Lead Kit - Application Instructions

Kit Content

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  • Optical Link Loss testing according to the “LSPM (Light Source Power Meter) three test cord referencing” Method as per ISO/IEC 14763-3 & AS/NZS 3080
  • This kit is designed to test single mode 9µm optical links with SC, SCA or LC connectors using SC test equipment interfaces. Use interchangeable adapters if available
  • Customised test lead kits for other lead and connector types are available upon request. Applicable link types include: SCA-SCA, SC-SC, LC-LC, SC-LC, SC-SCA
  • Dual wavelength bi-directional testing is required under these standards
  • Two AFC Test Lead Kits are required when using a Loss Test Set for simultaneous bi-directional testing



Step 1: Connector Inspection and Cleaning

All test lead and network connector endfaces are to be inspected and cleaned prior to mating with through adapters.Minimum inspection requirement is via a 200X microscope (video scope inspection preferred). A one-click style cleaner is required for connector cleaning.

Step 2: Test Equipment Set up

Light Source, Power Meter or Loss Test Set need to be set up, e.g. adapters, power supply, data entry, etc. Please note that some equipment requires warm up time for stabilisation.

Step 3: Test the Test Leads

Using the one-lead method test your receive and field calibration leads. Check tested losses against factory test results on lead.

Step 4: Light Source and Power Meter Referencing

Connect all three leads, as shown below, and reference the power meter at both 1310nm and 1550nm.

Light Source and Power Meter Referencing

Step 5: Optical Insertion Loss (Optical Link) Testing

Remove the Field Cal lead and connect source and meter leads to Link Under Test, using the through adaptors mounted in the coupler panels. See below. Refer to equipment operating instructions.

Optical Insertion Loss (Optical Link) Testing

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