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Data Centres

Solutions for Enterprise Networks, SANs and Data Centres

AFL is a leading provider of network solutions for enterprise data centres and storage area networks. We have solutions that enable enterprises of all sizes and IT budgets to take advantage of the latest network technology. Supported by our modern manufacturing facility and expert in-house design team, we design, create and integrate solutions that are right for your application.

We provide tailored solutions for:
  • Storage area networks
  • Data centres
  • Local area networks
  • Wide area networks
With the ever increasing demand for bandwidth, enterprise networks continue to be expanded and upgraded. In particular, the demand for increased storage capacity in the Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data Centre (DC) environment has resulted in one of the fastest growing networks in the world.
We know you need end-to-end solutions that offer performance, reliability and a good return on investment. That’s why our INFINITY™ and VELOCITY™ cabling solutions provide for Tier 1 to Tier 4 data centre applications, which fully comply with Australian and global standards.

Our solutions have guaranteed bandwidth performance of up to 10 / 40 / 100 Gigabits and beyond. Through a full spectrum of fibre or copper products, the AFL Enterprise and Data Centre solutions provide reliability and security and the flexibility to handle many years of growth.


Pre-terminated Multi-fibre Cable Assemblies

AFL manufactures a broad range of multi-fibre cable assemblies which are factory terminated and tested. These are available in various fibre types and counts with many different cable construction and connector options. Our pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies are suitable in a wide range of applications.

Using pre-terminated cables reduces the time and cost of on-site cable breakout and connector terminations. They are perfect when you have a narrow installation time frame or when on-site terminations might be problematic.

Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies

Fibre optic cable assemblies (also called patch-leads, patch-cords or jumpers) give you user-friendly ways for connecting fibre optic communication equipment and networks. We make and distribute factory terminated and tested fibre optic cable assemblies in a broad range of fibre types, cable constructions and connectors.

Our factory-based assembly and machine connector polishing means your assemblies have exceptional performance, intermateability and durability. Before any AFL cable assemblies leave the factory they are video inspected and loss tested  to our strict and traceable testing standards. This ensures the end-faces are always
free of defects and contamination.

AFL fibre optic cable assemblies feature:
  • High-quality, machine-polished connectors for consistent low loss performance
  • Interferometer tested geometry compliant connectors for low loss repeatability and intermateability
  • Individual packaging and labelling to provide protection, test data and traceability

We keep an enormous range of cables and connectors – this means we can give you a fast turnaround of custom assemblies.

Pre-terminated MTP Fibre Cabling

Our MTP pre-terminated cables and cassettes offer a market-leading low-loss, fast and efficient connection system. They are particularly well suited to data centre and storage area network (SAN) environments.

The modular MTP product set includes cables, cassettes, heavy duty fan-outs and various 1RU, 1.5RU, 2RU and 3RU enclosure options. This solution is ideal for both new and fully populated communication racks.

US Conec MTP Technology Partnership

AFL has partnered with US Conec to ensure you get the highest quality multi-fibre pre-terminated systems. This means we only use ‘best in class’ MTP connectors. We use these connectors exclusively because they offer lower loss and enhanced performance over standard MPO connectors.

This partnership ensures that the latest in next generation multi-fibre solutions are
available and fully supported.

AFL’s pre-terminated MTP fibre cabling solutions offer:
  • Faster installation times
  • Easy redeployment and relocation due to modular style cabling system
  • Low system loss and consistent long term optical performance
  • TIA-568 compliant 40 / 100G low loss MTP cables and patch leads
  • Unique SAN A/SAN B colour-coding system
  • Full installation, testing and warranty support

Fibre Optic Enclosures

AFL offers a wide range of high-quality fibre enclosures to suit any enterprise, data centre or SAN environment. They are ideal for patching and cross connecting network extensions and are compatible with a large range of AFL’s termination solutions.

We can also develop customised cable assemblies and enclosures to help you implement complete end-to-end solutions.

Mixed Media

Our Mixed Media Platform facilitates the integration of varying network components with a range of universal footprint, modular, pre-configured cassettes and panels matched to a high-density 1RU sliding enclosure.

By combining a range of fibre and C6 / C6A adapter panels, FPD (Fibre Passive Devices) and MTP cassettes, the Mixed Media Platform provides a high level of flexibility during network design, deployment and maintenance. Features include:
  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • Pre-loaded fibre, C6 and C6A panels minimise installation time frames
  • Sliding enclosure design allows greater access during installation and maintenance
  • Front-mounted cable tray provides patch cord protection and network labelling


This enclosure range has a unique rear cable entry that is specifically designed to manage pre-terminated cable systems. This range is also suitable for MTP preterminated cables and cassettes. Features include:
  • 1, 2 and 3RU
  • 19’’ rack-mounted fixed design
  • Ideal for housing multiple pre-terminated cables
  • High density flat and angled coupler panels


Our MTP enclosure range was purpose-built for housing and managing MTP cassettes and cables. Features include:
  • 1, 1.5RU fixed and 3RU sliding 19” rack mounted
  • Internal stabilising support for cassettes
  • Shallow depth with rear cable management


This enclosure range gives you an enormous choice of cable management, density and termination options. Features include:
  • 1, 2 and 3RU, 19 / 21 / 23” rack mounted sliding design
  • Flat or angled standard or high density coupler panels
  • Available factory loaded with all termination accessories

Wall Mount

The wall mount range of enclosures has numerous density, configuration and patching options. These enclosures also suit overhead and under floor cable distributor applications. AFL’s wall mount enclosures feature:
  • Compact, single and double door designs
  • A large range of angled and flat coupler panels
  • Suitability for MTP cassettes

Velocity™ Copper Cabling System

AFL provides a high performance copper network infrastructure solution for next generation data centres, storage area networks and structured cabling systems. AFL’s VELOCITY™ cabling solutions deliver outstanding system performance, having being developed using a standards-based method of component compliance and interoperability.

Category 6A Solution

Our VELOCITY™ Category 6A solution is perfect if you want to operate over 10 Gigabit, but also need the security and reliability of shielded cabling. Designed to provide the ultimate in throughput, this solution provides the best value and performing link and channel available. This shielded solution allows you to operate 10 Gigabit and stops RFI and EMI, and eliminates all alien crosstalk concerns.

Quad Box

The newest design for easy data centre cabling is the Quad Box. It’s a cutting edge 4-channel pre-terminated system which allows rapid plug and play deployment. It provides the ultimate in flexibility and functionality and is ideal for installations where minimal downtime is crucial.

The Quad Box takes the time and worry out of cabling for 10 Gigabit and other high-bandwidth, high-reliability applications. It is easily implemented, has a unique housing construction and features our Category 6A compliant shielded connectivity. The housing has a protective cover and integrated pulling eye and label field. Quad Box cable assemblies are pre-assembled and tested, ensuring reliability, performance and compliance with Category 6A requirements, including alien crosstalk.

Networking and Media Conversion

AFL offers a wide range of quality award-winning Ethernet switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices and media converters. Our high performing and easy-to-install active equipment options help you get the best out of your network.

Ethernet Switches & Media Converters

AFL provides a range of Ethernet switches and media converters to suit both commercial and industrial applications. We have fully-managed switches which include IP stack, RMON, IGMP snooping, VLAN, port trunk, QoS and security features. These features allow you to take advantage of limited network resources and ensure you get the best performance for VoIP and video conferencing.

GPON Solutions

AFL offer GPON Optical LAN (Local Area Network) solutions for enterprise networks. Optical LANs offer the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to existing copper based Ethernet LAN infrastructures, delivering high bandwidth and converged voice and data over a single strand of fibre. Our comprehensive portfolio allows for fibre deployment to the desk across a number of challenging multi-level, campus or industrial environments.

Transceivers and Direct Attach Cables

Available in a range of for factors including SFP, SFP+ and QSFP, AFL’s rage of transceivers and direct attach cables are the ideal solution for interconnect between local and remote networks.

Fibre Passives Devices

AFL manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of fibre passive devices (FPD) and associated enclosures to suit a range of applications and installation environments. Our splitter range, available in various split ratios and connector configurations, are the ideal solution for FTTX networks while our optical (WDM) multiplexers offer a cost effective solution for network operators who have limited fibre capacity on existing installed infrastructure. Our FPD products are available in 1U for fixed, in-rack installations, wall enclosures or in a modular format which allows customers to mix media and product within the same enclosure while offering the benefit of improved density and the ability to scale and grow as demands change.

Distribution Frames

AFL manufactures and supplies a wide range of high quality, communication and server racks for server rooms and data centres to the local office environments.

Infinity Fibre Distribution Frame is a high density optical interconnect solution which is modular in design. The IFDF offers a unique solution for high density fibre management in data centres, co-location and telecommunication environments.

A range of modules are available to suit fusion splicing, patching, passive device module patching and MTP patching. The IFDF can present 3,120 spliced terminations making it one of the highest density frames on the market.

Overhead Optical Distribution Frame provides additional RU density in the data centre by utilising overhead rack space. Designed to suit a wide range of cable basket, trays and ladder style cable pathways, the ODF can be mounted above racks or rows to provide additional rack units.
Wall Mount Optical Distribution Frame offers an alternate patching or cross connect option to traditional free standing 19” racks. This wall mount ODF is ideally suited to environments that have limited real estate.

Termination Solutions

AFL has an extensive range of termination solutions for enterprise fibre networks. Our popular termination options include fusion splicing of pigtails, mechanical splice-on connectors and fusion splice-on connectors.

You can be confident that all our termination solutions come with the advice and support of our experienced technical staff. We also have a partnership with Fujikura, the world’s leader in splicing technologies. This means you benefit from the global experience and value they bring to AFL’s range of splicing solutions.

AFL offers:
  • A full range of fibre termination solutions
  • Implementation training
  • Hiring of termination equipment
  • In-house Fujikura authorised fusion splicer service and repairs

Network Link Testing

AFL offers a comprehensive portfolio of test and measurement solutions for testing and certification of fibre and copper networks. Our specialist advice on test methodologies, optical performance standards and range of test instruments and accessories will ensure your networks are tested correctly and to standards. We also supply after-sales support for all test instruments and the option to hire from a national pool of equipment.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes:
  • Light sources and power meters
  • Loss test sets and OTDRs
  • Reference-grade test leads and launch leads
  • Cable certifiers
AFL also offers specialist products for advanced testing, including:
  • Optical channel checkers
  • 40G / 100G Ethernet testing
  • Passive network monitoring taps

Connector Inspection and Cleaning

We provide a large range of connector inspection and cleaning products to ensure low loss, high performance fibre networks. We have many customised options that are supported with our expert standards-based knowledge and advice.

Video Inspection

Our video inspection and cleaning solutions support standard and specialty fibre optic connectors, and include:
  • Hand-held microscopes
  • Analogue video inspection probes and displays
  • Digital IEC – based inspection with automated pass/fail

Connector Cleaning

AFL stocks a wide range of wet- and dry-based connector cleaning products for efficiently and effectively removing connector contamination. We offer:
  • Wet / dry cleaning solutions
  • One-click style in adapter cleaners
  • MTP and specialty cleaners

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