AFL in 60 Seconds Now Translated into French, German, Spanish, and Chinese

With the rise of technology, our world is becoming both larger and smaller. In one way, it’s becoming larger by increasing the amount of information available to us at any given moment. In fact, the amount of information available at our fingertips at any given second is more information than we could process in a lifetime. But in another way, the world is becoming smaller by increasing the ease and availability of connection. Almost instantaneously, we are able to connect with people almost anywhere. That’s the power of connectivity.
At AFL, we connect people and solutions to the communities we serve. Those communities we serve are all over the globe. With locations across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific, we are striving to better connect worldwide. Today, our products are in at least two-thirds of the countries in the world, and that number is growing every year.
This is why we’re so excited to share that our “AFL in 60 Seconds” video is now translated into French, German, Spanish, and Chinese! We want everyone from large energy and service providers to small businesses all over the globe to know that at AFL, We Connect™. Our products and services are available globally, so it only makes sense that we should communicate in different languages. We would love to be a part of connecting your community, no matter where you call home. 
Leave a comment below and let us know how AFL has helped you to connect in your corner of the world! Also, be sure you’re connected with us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook so you can see how we’re connecting with you. 

English (Original)

French (Canada)


Spanish (Mexico)

Chinese (China)