Polarity of the ASCEND™ High Density Platform

When using multi fiber applications such as duplex and MPO connections, it is important that each fiber connects a transceiver on one end to a receiver on the opposite end. The term “polarity” is used to ensure that this connection is made. To eliminate the guess work when purchasing trunk cables and patch cords for the ASCEND™ platform, we have included field-reversible polarity and gender connectors on multimode trunk cables and field-reversible polarity on multimode and single mode patch cords. This feature allows you to troubleshoot and correct polarity directly from the field.  

MTP® PRO Field Tool 

Multimode ASCEND trunks feature US Conec Ltd's MTP® PRO connector that offers field-reversible polarity and gender. This gives the installer the flexibility to reverse the polarity and/or gender of the connector in the field using the MTP® PRO Field Tool. This tool is a product of US Conec Ltd. but can be purchased through AFL. The associated instructional video describes how to change the gender of the connector from female to male and from male to female. Additionally, the video demonstrates the polarity reversibility of the connector.  

LC Uniboot Reversibility

ASCEND patch cords feature the LC Uniboot connector that offers field-reversible polarity without the need for exposing fiber or utilizing additional tools. As shown in the associated video, a simple unlatch of the push-pull tab and flip of the connector is all it takes to change the polarity of the connector.