Data Centers: All You Need to Know

Visit the New AFL Resource Center Today! 

As an end-to-end solutions provider, AFL has a vast amount of content on the many aspects of Data Centers.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all of this information were easy to find in one spot?  We thought so too!  Introducing the new resource center, which provides quick and easy viewing of everything “AFL.”  Now when you have a question about Data Centers, you can find everything place: the Data Center Stream.  

What can you find in the Data Center Stream?  Everything from instructional videos to best practices for test and inspection.  Here are some examples of what else you can find:

  • White Papers of various data center products

  • Quick access to brochures and pdfs

  • Articles and blog posts related to data centers

  • Video tutorials promoting various products 

Additionally, when browsing the Data Center Stream, AFL provides recommendations for other content that relates to your needs.  For example, if you are viewing the “End-to-end fiber optic solutions for enterprise networks” video, you will notice a sidebar on the left-hand part of your screen that has recommended content relating to the initial video, such as white papers.  This allows you to dive deeper into the data center stream and discover mass amounts of content relating to your search. 

Explore the new AFL resource center and discover all that it has to offer!  AFL has streamlined all data center content into one unified area on this new hub.  This Data Center Stream is just one of many new components to the resource center.