Network Testing Workflow Management Solution

aeRos™/Rogue™ represents a fundamentally different approach to the challenge of testing your network. By ensuring that every single element is faster, simpler and more cost effective, we’ve created the most comprehensive, integrated solution in the industry.

aeRos is the heart of our open, holistic network testing workflow management system. It’s much more than a set of tools—it's the cloud-based solution that integrates every aspect of your testing process. aeRos lets you set up jobs before a truck ever rolls, monitor data and interact with technicians in real time, complete jobs faster, generate reports more efficiently and realize revenue sooner.

The Rogue modular test platform is the first device powered by aeRos. Rogue is designed around the way you work. Building blocks can be combined to create a customized capability, enabling a broad range of test activities. And because Rogue works seamlessly with aeRos, you can get your network up and running faster, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.


Benefits of aeRos/Rogue

Integration of all workflow aspects to ensure that every element of the test process is faster, simpler and more cost effective—so you can focus on building better networks.

Free up technicians to just test. With just a touch of a button, technicians begin testing the minute they arrive at a job. Jobs and equipment are set up before trucks ever roll.

Separate software applications and hardware so you can invest in the application-specific tests you really need and have a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Hardware that is not just modular, but highly interchangeable allowing you to create a truly customized system and use the smart devices you already own.

And because we are serious about putting you in control, we’ve made our system completely open—write your own programs or seamlessly integrate third party software.


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Learn more about Rogue and aeRos by watching these demonstration videos:




  • Rogue Carrier
  • Rogue OLTS/Certification Module
  • aeRos Workflow Management Solution
  • Multi-Fiber Switch
  • Rogue OLTS/Certification App