Utility FTTx Development

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

Pre-terminated fiber-to-the-“x” (FTTx) solutions have been around for some time, but now a new era of FTTx deployment capability is upon us. As an end-to-end solutions provider, AFL strives to satisfy your fiber optic cable needs with ease and efficiency while providing you with the information necessary to understand pre-terminated solutions. Visit the resource center to find an overview of aerial solutions and the new possibilities that make your FTTx deployments effective and efficient. 

Get the White Paper Today! 

This new AFL white paper, “Leveraging ADSS Cable Technology in Utility FTTx Networks,” details the advantages of using all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable technology in FTTx solutions. ADSS cable supports a variety of installations of fiber optic cable solutions and can span pole-to-pole without the need for a messenger wire. With this technology, installers do not have to worry about overhead lines, thus eliminating safety concerns that come with grounding. The paper outlines an example of the cost difference between two key types of aerial fiber optic cable solutions, ADSS and lashed cable, and why AFL recommends ADSS cable. Checkout the website for AFL’s full line of ADSS cables’ features and applications.  

Learn More on FTTx Growth and Efficiency 

In an effort to reach a large under-served customer base, electric utilities are now able to build FTTx networks faster and easier at a lower cost thanks to emerging and existing cable technologies. It’s essential for electrical utility network operators to know the products available today and how they could be used to lower overall deployment costs when building FTTx networks.