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AFL's Corporate Responsibility Statement

Establishing a culture which drives focus on social and environmental impact is a Corporate Responsibility.​ Our employees, our communities and our customers see all three facets of corporate responsibility - Environment, Social and Governance - with an increasing priority.  While keeping financial performance and customer experience a top priority, AFL is integrating ESG into our culture and processes.


AFL ESG Committee

AFL formed an ESG Taskforce to develop a program that captures existing initiatives and commitments as well as identifies areas of opportunity.  This taskforce evolved into a sub-committee that now advises the AFL leadership team on the company's ESG strategy and performance. The committee will also oversee the company’s annual report and respond to stakeholder requests.

Committee Structure:

President and CEO

EVP/General Counsel

Members from the
following organizations:

  • Legal/Compliance
  • Sustainability/EHS
  • Finance/Risk
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Sales/Marketing
  • EMEA Liaison
  • APAC Liaison

Environmental Sustainability




Environmental Sustainability

Since our founding AFL has focused on environmental stewardship while achieving our business goals. We began with a solid foundation of compliance and have expanded our efforts to not only manage environmental impacts, but to reduce or eliminate them wherever possible.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
Operational Energy Efficiency

We aim to reduce our own operational carbon footprint by optimizing our operational energy usage, adopting cleaner fuels and investing in renewable power.

Circular Economy and Raw Material Efficiency

At AFL, we strive to offer solutions that minimize our customer’s environmental impact as well. We are designing our products and packaging with lifecycle sustainability in mind.

Waste Management

AFL is dedicated to conserving natural resources through waste management. We have set goals to minimize scrap rates, optimize reuse and recycling, and ensure appropriate treatment of waste streams.

Water Conservation

Conservation of our planet's most valuable natural resource, water, is vital to sustaining human health and the environment. That's why AFL is prioritizing goals to effectively manage our water consumption.



Social Responsibility






Social Responsibility

AFL believes that that individuals and organizations have a responsibility to act in a way that benefit our communities and make a positive difference in the lives of others. We are particularly focused on the following key areas to make the world a better place:

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

We can better connect our world if we understand our world. we want to cultivate an environment where individual cultures are celebrated, and where AFL culture unites us. At AFL we are striving to do more, and that includes doing more to embrace, celebrate and grow diversity and inclusion.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

AFL's success over nearly 40 years is due to the commitment of our greatest asset- our associates. We hire and train talented individuals, investing in them to ensure their success as they embark on a career path with AFL. As competition is fierce, we understand the importance of offering a total package that exceeds that of our competition.

Employee Health and Safety

At AFL, we remain dedicated to fostering a safety-first culture through our actions in the workplace and health and safety are continuous focus across our operations at every level of our business. We are committed to providing every employee with a safe and healthy place to employment.

Responsible Procurement and Secure Supply Chain

AFL is laser-focused on taking care of our customers, and we are just as committed to helping our communities, operating with integrity and ensuring ethical business practices are followed internally and across our value chain.

Community Involvement and Partnership

Community outreach is a fundamental part of AFLs culture. When we reach out, we see our commitments come to life. AFL's Outreach program consists of several initiatives all with th same goal-to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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Corporate Governance






Corporate Governance

AFL conducts our business activities and develops company policies based on a firm commitment to ethical practices and corporate governance best practices with focus on the following key areas:

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

AFL's business structure and management organization enable us to risk, grow sustainably and maintain and improve corporate value.

Data Security and Privacy

AFL is committed to ensuring that security is a key consideration in network management, compliance with all data protection laws and the protection of the rights and freedoms of individuals whose information AFL collects and processes is in accordance with privacy laws around the globe.

Business Integrity and Ethics

AFL takes pride in doing business while adhering to its core values, including integrity. AFL respects its employees, values its customers and business partners, works hard to prevent bribery and other forms of corruption and is committed to doing the right thing.

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

AFL is dedicated to conducting business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Financial Performance

AFL’s mission is to connect our customers around the world with innovative technologies, exceptional products and high-quality services. Our vision is to positively impact communities by delivering superior solutions. We plan to achieve our financial performance objective by focusing on the following areas:

Achieving the MT25 and 2030 vision

AFL enhances corporate and social value through our three strategic pillars and five market segments. We seek to create new value through innovation to ensure our products and services are always at the forefront of technology.

Customer Centricity

At AFL, it started with a focus on customers. We are committed to the customer experience and creating value for our customers (and their customers) through innovative and sustainable solutions. We are a trusted business partner with a long history of supporting our customers.

Connecting Society and Network Reliability

AFL helps to enable the expansion of broadband access, bridge the digital divide, promote grid modernization and achieve digital transformation. By doing this, we provide a SAFERTM (Sustainable, Accessible, Flexible, Expandable and Reliable) network infrastructure which leads to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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