Careers with AFL

AFL’s success over the past 30+ years is due to the commitment of our greatest asset—our associates. We hire and train talented individuals, investing in them to ensure their success as they embark on a career path with AFL. As competition is fierce, we understand the importance of offering a total package that exceeds that of our competition. Continue reading to fully grasp what sets AFL apart.



Career Opportunities




Our Core Values

We are a group of talented individuals and team players who strive to make a difference. That is our culture. We are laser-focused on taking care of our customers and are just as committed to helping our community. And we do this through living our Core Values.

Customers First

AFL strives to empower our associates and our customers. Every decision must make an impact on customer success.


To compete globally, we must innovate not for what’s needed now but what will help our customers succeed well into the future.

Environment, Health & Safety

AFL operates daily in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment and health of our associates, our customers and our communities.


We commit to deliver what is promised and doing it the right way.

Collaboration & Accountability

Our associates work individually and in teams, discovering new ways for old ideas. And we hold each other accountable – both inside and outside of AFL.

Community Engagement

Supporting our communities is part of our culture and we believe that each of us can make strides to improve where we work, live and play.





What Our Associates Say

Associates talk about their experiences while working with AFL.



Saran Kethram Enterprise Information Management

"Customers First edges out the other values for me. Identifying their needs, keeping up with new trends, and simple hard work have led AFL to providing the best-possible experience for our customers. This resulted in building trust and healthy relationships over the years."

Shavada Lee Global PMO

"Delivering on our commitments is key, and what makes us most successful is our ability to collaborate well together. Our teams are accountable to each other, and their willingness to step up and help get things done is just the AFL way."

Nancy Kiklis Human Resources

"AFL is an amazing company to work for and its sense of Community Engagement [core value] speaks to me. I love how our company constantly strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others."

Vahid Ebrahimi Cable & Connectivity

"We are fully engaged with our community and beyond. The great thing about AFL is that we gladly support anyone’s desire to contribute toward great causes. I have even participated in a few building projects that have helped me learn so much more about home improvement."

Candice Goodwin Conductor Accessories

"It's simple. At AFL, we connect. We can provide you with a one stop source—from A to Z. We have products and solutions to meet your needs."

Glenn Cash Finance

"In other companies in my past, Accounting and Finance professionals focused on one aspect of accounting. Inside of AFL, it’s entirely different. Accounting and finance professionals are partners in the entire financial spectrum of the business."

Angie Myers Human Resources

"It’s important to me to be part of a company that values its associates. AFL’s Wellness Program is just one example of putting associates first."

Manja Thessin, RCDD, RTPM PMO & Engineering

"For nearly 20 years, the countless opportunities in the areas of engineering and project management have made my career an exciting journey. This path has led me to work on some pretty cool initiatives for our clients in state-of-the-art facilities and venues."

Joie Eison Human Resources

"AFL provides a place for me to interact daily with various levels of employees to create solutions that help move the company forward. AFL has a strong supportive culture where professional growth is encouraged and made a priority."

Dan Farley Engineering

"It’s a great opportunity to work with an extremely talented team at AFL. Two AFL core values resonate most with me. Integrity aligns with my personal values and Innovation aligns with my core assignment."

Stephanie Ocampo International Trade

"Four years ago, as a recent Clemson graduate, AFL gave me the opportunity to start my career journey. I have learned about the business and industry and have benefited from great collaboration with colleagues. AFL has encouraged me to grow professionally and transition into our International Trade department."


Career Opportunities




Connected to Our Communities

They say a little goes a long way. And we believe that every little bit helps. Whether through grants, volunteerism, scholarships and more, we each play a vital role in the health of our community.


Grants & Sponsorships

Our children are our future and we stand by this by focusing our efforts on STEM education and social service programs specifically for youth.


ACT Volunteer Projects

To know our community, we must act in our community. It helps us understand where the need is. Our associates are the heart of our outreach program.


Imagine That!

Imagine embarking on a campaign worldwide that changes lives of children and families. Each year we participate together to make a difference on a personal level.






Environment, Health and Safety

AFL takes the environment, health and safety of our associates seriously. These aspects are fundamental to how we work each day. The safety of all our associates is our number one priority and we take strides in becoming an injury-free workplace. With ISO certifications at all AFL manufacturing locations, we have a proven history of focusing on the health and safety of our associates and preserving our environment.






Why should you come work with AFL?

At AFL, we offer real solutions for our customers. We have built a reputation in the fiber optics industry of consistently being on the forefront of technology and innovation, with a steady focus on engineering and manufacturing new products that will make a positive difference to our customers.

We know that this does not just happen. It is about having the right people. It is about securing the right talent that comes to work each day ready to make a difference. We also know that prospective associates have a choice in where they choose to work. The team at AFL is growing, so we would like for you to consider a career here with us. What makes AFL unique? What makes AFL a terrific company? What makes AFL a great place to work?


Career Opportunities