• ASCEND® Trunk Cable Assemblies


    • 12-144 fibers in BASE-8 and BASE-12 configurations
    • Low loss MTP® PRO* connectors with field-reversible polarity and gender
    • Reduced-diameter Plenum MicroCore® cable with 2.0 mm subunits
    • SM, MM (OM3), and MM (OM4)
    • Bend insensitive fiber
    • Pulling eye options
    • Cable mounting clip eliminates the requirement for external clamps and integrates directly with all ASCEND housing


    • Data Centers
    • Central Offices
    • Headends
    • Structured Cabling Networks


ASCEND trunk cable assemblies provide a high performance plug-and-play solution for premise installations where space is a premium.

The small-diameter MicroCore® cable construction provides industry leading fiber density and offers the installer many advantages over traditional cable options – higher tolerance to bends during and after installation; requires less space in cable trays, raceways, ducts and conduits; and enables more efficient airflow in congested, high density cabling applications.

ASCEND trunk cable assemblies feature the MTP® PRO connector which allows for field-reversible polarity and gender with no housing removal, exposed fibers, or loose pins.

ASCEND trunk cable assemblies also include an integrated cable mounting clip which mates directly with the trunk cable management area in the rear of all ASCEND housings. This clip eliminates the need for additional cable clamps and securely positions the incoming cable while eliminating unwanted stress during installation. Trunk cable assemblies have a predefined breakout length which eliminates guesswork and guarantees a clean and well-organized installation.


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