• OFI-BIPM and OFI-BIPMe Optical Fiber Identifiers


    • World-class signal detection sensitivity
    • Positive-stop trigger lock for optimum detection
    • Integrated optical power meter
    • Up to 4 Tones detection (OFI-BIPMe only)


    • Maintenance of fiber optic networks
    • Troubleshooting network issues
    • Identification of live fibers or trace fibers
    • Power levels verification


The OFI-BIPM/-BIPMe optical fiber identifier is an easy-to-use tool that determines if a fiber is live, the transmission direction, and the relative core power on standard and bend-insensitive single-mode and multimode fibers. Its positive-stop trigger mechanism provides the right amount of pressure every time to assure proper detection, while keeping loss to a minimum. This ensures that traffic will not be interrupted and the fiber will not be damaged.

Nicknamed “The Job saver”: The OFI-BIPM/-BIPMe removes the need to access the optical fiber at a connection or splice point, eliminating the possibility of interrupting service to a customer.

No heads to change or lose: The universal head of the OFI-BIPM/-BIPMe eliminates the need to change an adapter head for jacketed, coated, or ribbon fibers, making it extremely easy to use in the field.
Integrated optical power meter: The optical power meter mode verifies power levels during installation or troubleshooting.
Color touchscreen: The touchscreen provides simple-to-follow setup instructions and clear results that are easy to read.
Field technician favorite: The OFI-BIPM/-BIPMe is a favorite of technicians for its accuracy, ease of use, integrated power meter, and ergonomic design.

Doesn’t damage delicate fibers: The positive-stop trigger ensures that the right pressure is applied every time, while the slim head makes it easier to reach and test tightly-packed fibers without damaging them.

Ordering Information 

 BI Optical Fiber Identifier with integrated Optical Power Meter. The kit includes one 2.5 mm Universal Power Meter Port   Adapter, BIPM-00-25.  OFI-BIPM
 BI Enhanced Optical Fiber Identifier with integrated Optical Power Meter. The kit includes one 2.5 mm Universal Power   Meter Port Adapter, BIPM-00-25.  OFI-BIPMe
 OPTIONAL OFI-BIPM ADAPTERS (ordered separately)
 OFI-BIPM 2.5 mm Universal Power Meter Port Adapter  BIPM-00-25
 OFI-BIPM SC Power Meter Port Adapter  BIPM-00-SC
 OFI-BIPM FC Power Meter Port Adapter  BIPM-00-FC
 OFI-BIPM ST Power Meter Port Adapter  BIPM-00-ST
 OFI-BIPM LC Power Meter Port Adapter  BIPM-00-LC

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