• Indoor / Outdoor Distribution Cables


    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • Small bending radius and flexible for ease of installation, especially in confined spaces
    • Wide operating temperature & water swellable aramid to suit a range of outdoor applications
    • Fibres can be directly terminated, no need for fan-out kits or splicing thereby reducing losses


    • Preferred selection for direct termination
    • Linking campus buildings
    • Water blocking aramid for indoor and outdoor applications


ROHS compliant Multifibre Riser cable constructed from 900um PVC Tight buffer jacketed fibres, stranded together with aramid yarn and flame retardant PVC sheathed for indoor versions or water-swellable aramid reinforcing and blocking yarns and typically over-sheathed with black UV- resistant and flame retardant PVC for indoor/outdoor versions. Sheath printing includes length marking at 1m intervals. Options include LSZH sheath, alternative colours, any fibre type and up to 48 fibres. 


The outdoor version of this tight buffer riser cable is the preferred selection for direct termination methods linking buildings such as around a campus extending the capability of conventional risers, used as backbones. It is intended for protected environments such as underground ducts between buildings, tunnels etc. It features a “dry” water blocking system to prevent the flow of water along the cable in the event of sheath breech, a UV-resistant jacket for temporary exposed situations, and it can accommodate all fibre types including different types within the same cable. LSZH sheathed options are available as are alternative colours. These are ideal for duct and indoor applications. Generally LSZH and non-black materials do not have the same high level of UV resistance as the standard offerings.

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