• ROGUE® OLTS/Certification Module


    • Bi-directional testing on 2 links at once
    • Dual-fibre, dual-wavelength
    • Integrated OPM, OLS and VFL (650 mm)
    • Encircled Flux compliant
    • SM and MM versions


    • Tier 1 testing of premise networks
    • Multi-function testing: loss, length, ORL
    • Integrate with Multi-fibre switch for MPO OLTS testing


ROGUE® OLTS/Certification Module


Built around you and the way you test your network.


The ROGUE OLTS/Certification Module is part of the ROGUE modular test platform and when paired with the ROGUE carrier provides the hardware capabilities of a complete optical loss test set. 


Each module contains 2 bi-directional test ports as well as an optical power meter port and a Visual Fault Locator.


All multimode ports are Encircled Flux compliant as required by ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC.


This module can be paired with either a basic OLTS app on your smart device or can be turned into a full tier 1 certifier with the addition of a separate certification app.

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