Multi-Fiber Identification System Gives 100%

What does 100% mean to you? Maybe it brings you back to the satisfaction of that first perfect 100% on that Math test in 5th grade. Or maybe it brings back the pain of that paper that you labored so hard over in college, but got a 99% on because that professor wouldn’t give anyone a 100%. Whatever your past experiences with 100%, AFL is providing you a new solution that will give you a 100% every time. 
We know that multi-fiber network construction is becoming more time-consuming and complicated with the constant demand for higher bandwidth and deeper fiber reach. With this need for rapid growth, often multiple crews are working on a network which can easily result in mislabeling and other costly mistakes. AFL’s new, award winning Multi-Fiber Identification System (MFIS) will provide you with the 100% confidence in multi-fiber network continuity that you need so that you can have peace of mind. This MFIS test system is a simple way for you to verify your network’s construction quickly, correctly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you’re a service provider or enterprise network, we’ve designed this solution for you. 


The MFIS includes a multi-fiber tracer unit (MFT), a multi-fiber identifier unit (MFI) and multi-fiber power meter unit (MFP). Each of these tools are easy to operate in one hand, but provide you with an integrated solution that guarantees correct labeling, end-to-end continuity and flagging of excessive power losses. The MFT contains 12 independent laser sources to send out laser light down the network with embedded Fiber ID. The MFI detects the laser light and displays the Fiber ID. The MFP is also able to detect the Fiber ID and measures the fiber loss. You can choose to use the MFT in conjunction with either the MFI or MFP, or you can choose to use all three components together.  
We’re confident that you’ll love this solution, and so is Cabling Installation and Maintenance magazine. A panel of judges chose the MFIS to be a Cabling Innovators SILVER Honoree, recognizing the MFIS as a solution that will detect mishaps, improve efficiency and eliminate guesswork.  
Ye Rong, product manager for AFL’s Test and Inspection Division, observed that “AFL’s MFIS test system is the first of its kind to deliver to network operators 100% confidence in their multi-fiber network continuity.”
So it’s time to forget whatever 100% meant to you before, because now it means that you can have 100% confidence of your multi-fiber network’s continuity and accuracy. Start experiencing the peace-of-mind of 100% with our MFIS today.