• Long Span ADSS


    • Stranded loose tube design ensures that the are always free from mechanical strain under the specified loading conditions
    • Double Jacket designs for medium to long span applications and moderate to heavy ice and wind loading conditions
    • No metallic or conductive components, allowing the live-line installation (subject to local regulation)
    • Use for both earth-wires and phase conductors
    • Torsionally-balanced aramid yarn strength elements provide stable cable design
    • UV-resistant polyethylene sheath is compatible with fittings from all major suppliers and is suitable for use to 12kV space potential
    • Custom designs for extremely long spans available
    • Track-resistant options are also available for use up to 25kV space potential


    • Utilised for telecommunications by power utilities, telcos, and private network groups
    • Designed for installation on distribution and transmission lines
    • Capable of being installed in close proximity to conductors if security is a concern
    • Suitable for applications, minimizing the need for outages


AFL ADSS cables are specifically designed for use on overhead HV transmission and distribution lines with steel lattice towers or wooden, concrete or steel poles. 


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