• SkyWrap®


    • Quick, cost effective installation
    • Utilize existing power line infrastructure
    • Use where access is limited (e.g. mountains and river crossings)
    • Use for both earth-wires and phase conductors
    • Live line installations on earth-wire
    • Complete lifetime turn-key solutions
    • Over 30 years installation experience
    • Meets IEEE 1594 Specification
    • Low installed cost
    • Install on OPGW to increase network capacity
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    • SCADA
    • Utility Telco Networks
    • Smartgrid
    • Broadband
    • GSM
    • Hard-to-reach Transmission Line installation
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Successfully installed worldwide since 1982, SkyWrap is a fiber optic cable helically applied on ground wires or phase conductors. A specially designed spinning machine is used to wrap the cable under controlled conditions. This system offers a complete communication link designed and engineered for high-voltage environments at low cost.
SkyWrap is the ideal solution when access to the overhead line is problematic due to environment or terrain. The installation equipment is lightweight, easy to handle and quick to install. When power outages are hard to coordinate, SkyWrap can be installed on ground wire while the phase conductors remain live or on phase conductors with single circuit outage.

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