• LMV-Series OFNR I/O MicroCore®


    • Indoor/Outdoor Riser-rated: Can be routed throughout network without need separate OSP and ISP cable
    • Optimized air-jetting cable design: Ideally suited for low-cost micro-duct installation
    • Loose buffer tube core construction using 200 micron single-mode fiber


    • Inter-building campus backbone
    • FTTx MDU feeder connection
    • Industrial complex communications infrastructure


AFL’s LMV-Series Indoor/Outdoor OFNR MicroCore product line is designed for applications requiring cables that can be routed in OSP and ISP without the need to transition to a separate flame-rated product. These cables can be readily installed in micro-duct pathways or, with their 300-lb load rating, pulled into conventional ducts. Their small size also makes them better suited for duct override applications compared to traditional I/O loose tube cables. The LMV-Series product line is available in fiber counts ranging from 24 to 144.


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