• FCP1 Connector Cleaning Kits


    • A wide variety of pre-stocked standard kits are available
    • Reorder is made easy with color coded packaging
    • Available for most types of connector end-faces including Military and Multiple Fiber Ferrule designs
    • Compact and light weight


    • Ideal for field use
    • Cleans a wide variety of connector types
    • Consistently cleans connector end-faces


Save time and money with a FCP1 Connector Cleaning Kit from AFL. Some of the most common issues with fiber optic networks are cause by dirty connectors.  The FCP1 Connector Cleaning Kits from AFL give you the tools you need to quickly and easily clean various types of fiber optic connectors in the field. Kits include various configurations of FCC2 Connector Cleaning Fluid, CCT Connector Cleaning Tips, FiberWipes, Cletop Cartridge Cleaner, and Cletop (ACT) Cleaning Sticks. The CCT Connector Cleaning Tips are packages in small tubes and color coded for easy replacement ordering.  AFL cleaning kits deliver compact, safe, easy to use reliable cleaning for all types of connector end faces including Military and Multiple Fiber Ferrule designs. AFL FCP1 Cleaning kits are perfect for the field technician or to leave at patch panels for easy access during maintenance. A wide variety of pre-stocked kits make ordering easy.

Kit contents by application

Application Cleaning materials Description
For cleaning connector end-faces within alignment sleeves (bulkhead adapters, female socket connectors)


Optical quality cleaning fluid


2.5 mm cleaning tips for FC, SC, ST type standard connectors


1.25 mm cleaning tips for LC, MU type small form factor connectors


1.6 mm cleaning tips for 2.0 mm and 1.6mm termini in military con­nectors and D4 connectors

For cleaning ferrule end-faces that are exposed (jumpers and patch cords)


Optical quality cleaning fluid


Reel type cleaner


Universal cleaning tip for exposed ferrule and termini end-faces on jumpers or military connectors

For cleaning alignment sleeves


Optical quality cleaning fluid.


2.5 mm swabs for FC, SC, ST type standard connectors


1.25 mm swabs for LC, MU type small form factor connectors

Cletop Stick-Type

2.0 mm swabs for D4 connectors

Additional options

VS 300

Optical or video microscope for end-face inspection

For cleaning fibres prior to fusion splicing or installing FASTConnect® connectors


Optical quality cleaning fluid


Lint free, tear-resistant wipes


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