• Apex® X-2 Sealed Splice Closure


    • Individual cable sealing ports with tool-less release mechanism and gel sealing
    • Dome-to-base O-ring seal retained into dome to prevent loss or damage, but is still replaceable if necessary
    • Hinging, lockable splice trays
    • Plastic slack storage basket with optional segmented basket to separate ribbon and loose tube slack storage
    • Six cable ports with up to six ground lugs
    • Capable of up to 16 drop cables with an expressed distribution cable using multi-drop entry kits
    • Splice trays with universal splice modules capable of holding single fusion, mass fusion and mechanical splices as well as other devices such as passive optical splitters


The Apex X-2 is a sealed splice closure designed for protecting optical fiber splices in both above- or below-grade applications in a butt configuration. The Apex X-2 is capable of up to 432 single fusion, 864 mass fusion with standard ribbon, or 3456 (200 μm, 1728 max for 250 μm) mass fusion with “rollable ribbon” fiber types such as AFL’s SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®). Cables are sealed by a unique wedge system spaced evenly around the circumference of the closure’s base. Each cable seal is opened by a press-to-release lever and sealing is completed by actuating a single screw for each cable. Each cable is sealed individually, ensuring original craftsmanship when cables may be added at a later date. Up to 6 splice trays are attached and hinge off a central organizer. A plastic slack storage basket resides underneath the trays with ample tie down points for managing tube and fiber slack.


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