AFL All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable (ADSS)

AFL All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable (ADSS)

When it comes to deploying aerial fiber optic cable there are several options, such as All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable, Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), lashed loose tube on a messenger and SkyWrap®. Depending on the specific application, any of these may be an appropriate solution, but this article will focus on ADSS.



AFL was one of the earliest pioneers of ADSS products in North America. ADSS does not contain any metallic components, enabling the cable to be installed in a variety of different environments, whether it’s a high voltage transmission line or a short span right of ways for telephone or electric distribution. Its ability to be installed in a live line environment is one of its key differentiators from other aerial fiber optic cable technologies, allowing ADSS users minimal, if any, disruption to existing power infrastructure.


What it is

ADSS product types belong within two main design families available in today’s market, double jacket and single jacket designs. Both families are designed and tested in compliance to the IEEE 1222 industry standard for ADSS cables.


Double jacket ADSS can be designed with a maximum of 576 fibers and spans ranging up to 6,000 feet. The majority of double jacket ADSS designs are installed in the underbuild position on a transmission right of way but are also used in shorter span applications as well. AFL custom designs double jacket ADSS cables, considering factors such as environmental loading, span lengths, fiber counts and the electrical environment in which the cable is to be installed when making them. In situations where the ADSS is being installed in a 115kV transmission line voltage or greater, AFL will work with our customers to evaluate whether a track resistant ADSS is required.


Single jacket ADSS can be designed with a maximum of 144 fibers for shorter spans than its double jacket counterpart. AFL offers our legacy Mini-Span® ADSS system, as well as the more customized Flex-Span® ADSS, as single jacket design options. These cables are efficient designs that can be installed on shorter span power distribution, telephone and municipality right of ways.


How AFL can help you

As a total solutions provider, AFL offers installation guidance and instruction, a full line of hardware, connectivity products, fusion splicers, as well as test and inspection equipment along with the ADSS cable. The ADSS hardware is tailored to the strength and diameter characteristics of each ADSS design.


With over 30 years in the telecommunications industry, we look forward to partnering with future customers on their next fiber optic project. With proven experience, depend on AFL as your trusted advisor.

Watch the video to see examples of the ADSS cables mentioned in this articl