AFL exceeds customer requirements through collaboration, innovation and manufacturing excellence

Whether you are upgrading existing facility infrastructure, or in the process of building a new plant, AFL and RSCC offer a variety of innovations that include specialty radiation resistant fibers and flame retardant cables. Most recently, the two industry leaders developed Thermoset Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacketed fiber optic cables for indoor/outdoor use.
With an extensive knowledge of polymers specifically designed for utilization in radiation and harsh environments, RSCC is known as a world leader in the design and manufacture of insulated high performance control, power, instrumentation and specialty cables to the nuclear marketplace. RSCC has over 40 years of nuclear experience and a NUPICS audited 10CFR50 Appendix B QA program. In addition, RSCC is a nuclear cable supplier with ISO 9001 and NQA-1 approvals.
AFL's optical fiber capability and specialty cable manufacturing combined with RSCC’s knowledge of radiation and harsh environment resistant polymers provide proven solutions for the nuclear industry in the digital age. Both companies are committed to meeting customer requirements through collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, manufacturing excellence and unrivaled customer service.