Joseph Grech

President, Network Services

"I’m proud to lead a team of experienced and passionate individuals who are focused on our clients’ success. We’re part of a growing business with a deepening and loyal customer base that trusts and depends on us to design and deliver solutions that work for them. Through our expertise and culture of commitment, we’re making a difference in communities across North America, connecting people with broadband technologies and making it easier for them to connect with others around the world."

As President of AFL’s Network Services business, Joseph Grech leads a team responsible for delivering end-to-end solutions for customers’ broadband networks. With a reputation for being a trusted partner, the team engineers, provisions, builds, and provides products and services for customers. They offer integrated solutions, including engineering, construction, and installation and repair services across North America. These solutions enable customers to grow, embrace new markets and technologies, and improve operating flexibility and performance.

With more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Joe is known for leading through innovation, growth, value creation, customer service excellence and team building. Joe is a leader with a breadth of industry knowledge in communications and technology, including during explosive growth, acquisitions, integrations, divestitures, and service and business transformation with premiere organizations. He has expertise in driving growth and transforming organizations facing transition. Joe knows that transition is often filled with new possibilities and he has a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed where change is the norm.

Globally, Joe has led teams at the executive/c-suite level across Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, including five years of working internationally. He has built a personal and professional brand that fuels growth by exceptional business and customer insight, a strong passion for continuous improvement, and a focus on building great teams and working with great people.

Joe is a graduate of the University of Toronto where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. He has served on several advisory and philanthropic boards, including as the vice chair of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, an organization whose mission focuses on eliminating inherited forms of blindness. Joe has also served on several private boards of emerging and established companies.


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