• ASCEND® Fibre Housings


    • High Density: 1RU/144F, 2RU/288F and 4RU/576F
    • 19/23" rack-mountable
    • Galvannealed steel construction
    • Hinged front and rear doors and removable back cover
    • BASE-8, BASE-12 and BASE-24 compatibility
    • Interchangeable cassette options for multiple applications
    • Cassettes install independently from front or rear of housing
    • Trunk cable management area
    • Compatible with all ASCEND Cassettes
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    • Data Centres
    • Central Offices
    • Headends
    • Structured Cabling Networks
    • Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)
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ASCEND fibre housings are available in 1RU, 2RU and 4RU sizes with densities of up to 144, 288, and 576 fibres, respectively. Designed to support incremental growth or a full-scale deployment, ASCEND housings provide the ultimate in ease-of-use and fibre management features.

ASCEND housings are 19/23" rack mountable and constructed using galvannealed steel for an extended service life. The front and rear doors are both hinged on the bottom, while the rear section of the housing cover is removable for unobstructed access to all connector interfaces. Integrated routing rings at the front of the trays enable secure and organized routing of patch cords which facilitates efficient Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs).

ASCEND housings are compatible with a wide variety of ASCEND optical cassettes which can be mixed and matched within the same enclosure to offer plug-and-play versatility in BASE-8 and BASE-12 configurations. Cassettes can be independently installed from the front or rear of the housing onto a sliding tray system.

The rear of the housing incorporates a trunk cable management area which features multiple cable mounting positions that are designed to securely manage slack while allowing the trays to slide in/out for installation and service.


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