• ASCEND® Splice Cassettes


    • Up to 12-fiber interconnection capacity
    • SM, MM (OM3), and MM (OM4)
    • 250 μm single fiber and bare ribbon options
    • VFL-compatible shuttered LC adapters
    • Color-coded fibers
    • Inventive splice sleeve cradle
    • Organized fiber routing
    • Compatible with all ASCEND BASE-12 housings


    • Data Centers
    • Central Offices
    • Headends
    • Structured Cabling Networks


Part of the ASCEND™ platform, Splice Cassettes include 250 micron preterminated single fibre pigtails (or one bare ribbon pigtail), that are loaded within the cassette and can be spliced directly to loose (or ribbon) fibre cable.

All Splice Cassettes feature VFL-compatible shuttered LC adapters with up to 12-fibre capacity. Available in single-mode and multimode fibre types, cassettes leverage a snap-in splice sleeve cradle to securely manage both single and ribbon fibre arrangements.

Splice Cassettes are compatible with all BASE-12 ASCEND housings and can be independently installed easily from the front or rear onto a sliding tray system. This allows access to individual connections while minimizing disruption to other fibre connections.

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