• Mini IFDF


    • Supports up to 12 sub-frames
    • Wall or floor mounting
    • Internal patchcord management
    • Suitable for splicing and pre-terminated cables


    • Modular design allows expansion of the network when required
    • Individual modules allow access without adjacent circuit disruption
    • Central storage bay accommodates patchlead routing and storage


The IFDF is a left and right sectioned mounting frame that is populated with modular swing out sub frames as required.  The left and right sections allow inbound or outbound cables to be separated. Each section will accommodate 6 sub frames, totalling 12 when both are fully populated. The swing out sub frames are fitted as required and accommodate 5 modules each. A range of modules are available to suit fusion splicing, patching, passive device module patching and MTP patching. Based on a maximum module capacity of 24 fibres, the IFDF can present 1440 spliced terminations making it one of the highest density frames on the market.
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